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Kim Hyun-jung, singing ‘The Road I Choose’ OST for ‘The Bride of the Typhoon’.. Well-made remake is born


The sound source will be released at noon on the 10th, and fans' expectations are rising.


Break News Reporter Park Dong-je = Singer Hyun-jung Kim participated in the OST of 'The Bride of the Typhoon'.


According to Plus Media on the 9th, Kim Hyun-jung, who received a proposal to sing the OST of the new KBS2 daily drama 'Bride of the Typhoon', which will be aired for the first time on the 10th, remade her Part.


Plus Media said, "The original song 'The Path I Choose' (lyricist Chae Jeong-eun, composer Kim Hyung-seok), released as an OST for the 1994 KBS mini-series 'Police', was reinterpreted with Kim Hyun-jung's shouting method, and it was the birth of another well-made remake. We are looking forward to it,” he said.


The lyrics, 'I will never fall down or be broken without strength / You will be in me the same as before', attracting attention as it will interlock with the story of the drama that will lead to tension from the beginning of the airing. In particular, it is rumored that the drama production team carried out the remake with the theme song ‘The Path I Chosen’ and singer Kim Hyun-jung in mind from the planning stage.


In particular, this song was remade by Kim Jung-min, Hong Kyung-min, and Son Seong-hoon and presented as a song that showed off the charm of male vocals, and Koyote Kim Jong-min also reinterpreted it and released it in 2021. Kim Hyun-jung participated in her first remake of a female singer and what kind of musical color she showed is also a point of appreciation.


It is a song where you can feel the unrivaled charisma of singer Kim Hyun-jung, who represents her 1990s with ‘Her Farewell to Her’, ‘Come Back Farewell’, and ‘Mung’. Kim Hyeon-jung returned to the viewers with her new OST song in 5 years after the 2017 'Mr.


On the other hand, KBS2 new daily drama 'Bride of the Typhoon' (directed by Park Ki-hyeon, written by Song Jeong-rim) OST Part. will be revealed