If you are a girl with talents in the dance, Kim Hyun-jung singing in karaoke is a must. Exciting dance songs, such as 'Breakup with Her', 'Lonely Love', 'Recurring Breakup', 'bruise', Are You for Real?' and 'Swift Slash of the Knife', blow away the stress. It was released 20 years ago, but the song has its own entertainment.

Kim Hyun Jung said, "If you go to a concert or event, you can start with any song and finish it with a bruise. You know all the dances. "It was a song that I sang when I was in my early twenties. I have been challenging various genres such as" B-type man "and" Funky Town. " I sang it at karaoke. ' Kim Hyun-jung, who recently realized the popularity of 'Breakup with Her' at the 'Open Concert', said, "Younger friends also follow the song and know how to choreograph them." It wasn't a stop but it became a 20-year song. " You don't sing well in karaoke. "Aile, Jung Eun-ji, Jang Yoon-jung, and other genres. If you have three things in common, I've been singing my song somewhere. 


Advice as a senior who had been active for 20 years was spared. "It's important to overcome when slumps come," he said. "I know how hard it is. It's harder for women as they get older. Some countries accept people with generosity, while others neglect." I was confused and hard. Even though time has passed, I don't change people, but I'm worried because the reaction suddenly changes. I can't turn the time, so I'm just depressed and slumped. "

In addition, "some people say that they sell memories. But what can I do, I have a hit song and the song that the public wants," he said. "I still have people who love my songs. Thank you very much. Kim Hyun-jung, I'll give you a spoonful of rice, side dish refill, and drink service.  

Kim Hyun-jung plans to constantly challenge for those who love him in the future. "I'm walking from analog to digital with my fans. I don't know what time it will be. But I think it's just as I expect a cool song from Kim Hyun-jung. "

Reporter Hwang Ji Young
Photo = HIM Entertainment