Thursday, February 24, 2011

After a long two year and six month hiatus, singer
Kim Hyun Jung has finally returned to her fans with her latest digital single, 
"1 Minute, 1 Second." She is one of the biggest legends of K-pop, having paved the way for many of the female soloists today, 
and she's known for her explosive vocals and beautiful long legs. For her comeback, the diva paired up with composer
Minuki, who previously worked with her for her fifth album. The song carries a unique blend of piano 
and string beats which best invoke the genre she's most famous for: dance. 


The composer himself revealed, "The two years have made her stronger than ever.
She's recently picked up a new vocal style, and has poured extra effort into her comeback album. 
She's put out an impressive mix of genres that will surely connect with all types of listeners." Meanwhile, her agency commented, 
"She spent her hiatus quietly, and is planning to promote her comeback more aggressively.
Through various programs, she'll be singing all that she couldn't sing in the past two years and six months; 
she wants to show off her passion and worth. She's also reinvented her new image, and focused on training to stretch her vocal capability.
" Kim Hyun Jung will be making her comeback on this week's "Music Bank". In the meantime, check out her teaser below!