[Daily Economic Star Today Kim So-Yeon Intern Reporter]

Singer Kim Hyun-Jung unveils a luxury single house.

Kim Hyun-jung newly joined MBN 'Flight Girl', which was broadcasted on the 12th, and first released a single house that lives with his companion dog 'chan'. Kim's house, known to be located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was envious of the cast because of its spacious space and luxury atmosphere.

Kim Hyun Jung's house is a combination of white and black, giving a clean and luxurious feel.
In particular, the living room is decorated with marble, a kitchen with luxurious chandeliers, and a bedroom that gives a sense of calm with indirect lighting.
Kim Hyun-jung on the day, "I am also flying. I want to show you a happy beacon life," said the reason to decide to join the "Flight girl."
Meanwhile, 'Flight girl' is a reality program that shows the real life of happy girls because they are unmarried.