If you are a girl with talents in the dance, Kim Hyun-jung singing in karaoke is a must. Exciting dance songs, such as 'Breakup with Her', 'Lonely Love', 'Recurring Breakup', 'bruise', Are You for Real?' and 'Swift Slash of the Knife', blow away the stress. It was released 20 years ago, but the song has its own entertainment.

It is the same with Kim Hyun. Since his debut in 1997, he has been burning in his heart with the passion that he had dominated the stage with outstanding singing ability. In particular, attachment to work added, never died. Last year, as he realized the importance of health, such as performing gallstone surgery, he said, "I found it happy to be able to work." "I went up and down, then went up, went up again, got up again, and went through 20 years of activity. I wanted to continue, but I am also a native worker. " The 20th anniversary of his debut this year, he will be busy. Starting from MBC 'The King of Mask Singer' in November last year, he has been preparing various schedules such as radio and concerts. Last May, he participated in the SBS drama 'Sister Is Alive' OST 'Fateful Fools' and released a powerful yet compelling voice. "One year ago, I sang tvN drama 'The Bird That Doesn't Cry' OST 'Don't Cry.' Is a weekend ending theme song. My song is closer to you than I thought. Recently I went to KBS 1TV 'Open Concert' and it was good to see you. " 


In addition to singer activities, he entered into the overall management of his agency's power entertainment. Sometimes work is hard, but he is also strengthening carrots and whips of family members. "There's a lot of work going on here. There's something we need to care about, from the smallest to the ten. We've been discussing some of our recent shows. Is there. "

On the 20th anniversary, "There are fans who have albums and concerts. It's been delayed a little due to various reasons. I don't feel sorry. I don't quit the singer right now. I want to go 'go gossing' because it is. " He said, "I couldn't run to here alone. It's the 20th anniversary possible because I have helped me around. I need a person to comfort myself because I'm injured in nature." I've been doing well, Hyun Jung. ' 

Reporter Hwang Ji Young Photo = HIM Entertainment