[My Daily = Kim Mi-ri Reporter] Singer Kim Hyun-jung revealed a gorgeous single life.

Kim Hyun-jung's single house, which is decorated with a modern interior, will be unveiled on Channel A 'Dog papa,' which will be broadcast on the 19th. Kim Hyun-jung's single house, which was released in the recent greening, attracted attention because his dog's stuff is as full as his stuff. Kim Hyun-jung said, "Our dog (dog) is doing a model," "It's been a while since I started (model work),

These clothes and accessories are all supplies from work. In a word,

Kim laughed. ” On the day, Kim Hyun-jung exudes an extravagant three-dimensional appeal. Unlike the charismatic scene on the stage, she showed a free view of a single woman by beating in front of the camera. In addition, he unveiled the colorful leggings collection, revealing an extraordinary sense of fashion, while Kim Hyun-jung showed a lot of affection for his dog's dog while he was eating a bowl for breakfast and giving his boy a high-protein snack and the most beautiful color. pick clothes and overlaid to the guts. along with attracting yeonhanam the visiting eye warm in the house of the day Kim Hyun-jung. Kim Hyun is. as an acting exercise with yeonhanam has directed the mysterious atmosphere while Kim Hyun single life is 19 days and nights to be broadcast at 11:00 is published in the 'Dog papa. " 

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